NextAdNetwork's focus enables us to bring unique value to our advertisers. Rather than simply being another vendor, we work to create long-term partnerships with advertisers that can benefit from our:

Focus on Select Industries. NextAdNetwork focuses its efforts on working with advertisers in a small number of select industry verticals that deliver high quality, high value services to consumers. We are experts in the verticals we serve and understand the nuances of marketing our partners' services. We often work closely with advertisers to create unique offers and promotions that will achieve the best response based on our extensive testing and experience.

Focus on the Best Publishers. Through our vast experience and proprietary techniques, we have aggregated the highest quality publishers in each of our selected industries. These publishers, in turn, deliver our advertisers the highest quality, most valuable customers. Our publishers are rewarded with the best consumer offers and highest payouts.

Focus on Superior Service. Because of the select number of advertisers with whom we work and our deep knowledge of their industry, we are able provide them the highest level of customer service. This entails not just quick response times and frequent updates, but valuable information such as industry intelligence, assistance with offer creation, search marketing best practices and much more.

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